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Wool Roving Dreads


At Fay Brotherhood Fine Art I make wool roving dreads, in any colour combination you desire, just like the ones I wear onstage with Spriggan Mist and Papa Shango. Have a look at what I offer and get in touch to commission a set.




























































Each mini dread clips consist of four short, skinny dreads attached to a hair slide.

These can be used as stand alone hair accessories or to slot in the front of your dread falls to make the transition between the dreads and your real hair look more natural.


I like to use four.








10 dreads will make an subtle accent ponytail.

20 dreads will make a full fall. This will create a thick lush ponytail but will not give a ""mane like" appearance.

2 full falls (40 dreads) is recommended for "mane like" full head coverage.


Triple Colour - £1.25 per Dread

Single/Double Colour - £1.25 per Dread

Mini Dread Hair Clips - £3

How many Dreads do I need?

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