Horse Portraits

Into my portraits I weave,

with fungi, feathers and leaves,

The places where you with your best friend run free.

You will own a thing of beauty…

atmospheric and ethereal...

Imbued with the essence of trees, streams and half forgotten dreams.

Horses are so much more than pets. When you look into the eyes of a horse you see an ancient spirit. As you ride you ride with the ancestors. Through the silent communication between the two of you, it's a relationship like no other

A custom horse portrait in oils or acrylic is a great way to immortalise a noble friend in a way that will last a lifetime.


If you’re considering commissioning  a piece of equine art, your horse portrait will benefit from an expert horse artist with a deep understanding and appreciation of the equine form.

"Found myself logging on constantly to see my commission taking shape, and coming to life, step by step. Didn't want to give it away when the time came, but it was definitely received very happily! Cannot recommend your work enough - Rest assured I will be back for more! Mad talent, Fay!!"


I commissioned Fay to paint my parents dog Sky as a gift. Fay caught her aspect perfectly with a striking likeness, my parents are really delighted with the lovely artwork and it will be treasured forever. Thank you so much Fay!

Chris- Sky the Collie

I’ve loved drawing horses since I was about 8. Their elegance, grace and wild, free spirit captivated me. At primary school I spent most of my days squirrelled away in a corner drawing horses.


I could never afford riding lessons but I channeled all my passion into drawing them and learning about them; following my best friend to all her riding lessons and listening intently from the sidelines.

From the age of 8 to the age of 18 horses were my main topic of artistic interest and I understand their anatomy, their gaits, their spirit. I know how to capture that quivering sense of energy just under the skin of every horse

You can read more testimonials from happy clients here.

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