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Photo Shoot Service

You are paying a lot of money for your portrait, so you want it to be built around  the best quality photo possible. 

Despite using my reference photo guide you are struggling to get a great photograph of your pet, horse or loved one.


Perhaps you have a low quality phone camera, or a poor eye for photography. Maybe you want something extra special, like a cantering horse or a gundog mid retrieve and your equipment isn't great with speed or distance. 

I can solve this problem by offering a photo shoot service, using my DSLR camera. I will come with you to your home and we'll get a set of gorgeous photo's, from which I can build the absolute best painting.

Keep scrolling to find out the price structure for my pet photography, human photography and horse photography service.


You have three options. 


  •  A short, 1 hour house visit, where I  take photo's in your home and garden.

  • I accompany you on a photo walk in your most beautiful local places of up to 2 hours duration.

  • I spend the day with you, taking photo's at an event, for example a pheasant shoot, or horse show.

Alongside your completed painting you will get a FREE USB stick containing your full suite of edited photo's.


1h house visit

2h photo walk

Full day




+ Mileage

Free within 2 miles then 45p per mile

Fill in this form to discuss your photo shoot today!

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