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How to commission album art

As a fellow songwriter, I understand how you as a #songwriter thinks. I know how important concepts, symbols and themes are to you. That's why I love making #albumartwork for #musicians.

The process is simple. Contact me on facebook, or drop me an email for a chat.

I listen to your songs. I read your lyrics. I find the symbols in the songs and the images you're aiming to convey.

I research the subject matter and (f relevant) the local/natural history of your local area. I learn all I can about you/your band and I draw it all together into a cohesive image.

Every step of the way I work with you, running my ideas past you and making sure we're all on the same creative page.

The crittically acclaimed 2015 album Old Black Crow by #paganfolk duo #EmmaandtheProfessor was rooted in the myths and landscape of the #Shropshirehills. It was a real wellspring of symbology to work with and I loved it!

The #Crow flies along the #KerryRidgeway (Lily) overlooking the #ShropshireMarches (Battle of the Marches), with the #LongMynd in the distance. "The Professor's' #bodhran sits by a standing stone, whilst the crow carries a spear.

The spear reflects not just the ancient battles depicted in the album but the fact "The Professor" spends a lot of time out hunting flints and has one hell of a collection.

You can stream and buy the album here. It is a real masterpiece!

If you think my talent for welding the disparate elements of a message into a cohesive whole will work for you, get in touch today!

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