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Traditional Portrait Prices

For those who would prefer a straightforward painting without the adornments of my nature inspired line, I have over 10 years experience in producing traditional pet portraits and human portraits and you can read the testimonials of many happy clients here.

(Prices exclude post and packing)

Monochrome Acrylic

For those who like the clean simplicity of a black and white portrait, my monochrome portraits can be matched in hue to any colour scheme you like,

Greyscale - Like a traditional pencil sketch

Sepia - Like an old victorian photograph

Primary colour - Choose a bold hue like purple, red or green for a contmporary, pop art vibe.

Full Colour drybrush Acrylic

A boldly coloured and highly detailed portrait that due to its polymer formation will make a beautiful centrepoint in your home for decades. Drybrushing uses only a small amount of paint and gives a rustic, slightly rough around the edges look.

Most choose a head study set within a plain background that really makes your portrait pop. 

Others choose to have their pet set within complex scenery, on a favourite seat, or with extra detailing such as bridles and toys.

You may choose multi subject portraits or between full body and head studies.

Oil painting

Oil is the traditional medium of the old masters. It uses the highest quality paint and is the obvious choice for connoisseurs.


Their creamy texture and long drying time means I can achieve a depth of colour and smoothness of blending you cannot achieve with acrylic. This gives my pet portraits in oils a real look of quality.


Oil works espcially well in human portraits as its superior blending capacity allows me to convey the subtlest changes in light and contour.

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