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Fay Brotherhood

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About the artist


Fay Brotherhood BSc (Hons) MSc

Artist | Musician | Ecologist


I'm a self taught artist; and have been honing my trade since I first picked up a Crayola. I have worked professionally since 2012.

Since then, I have  painted hundreds of dogs, cats, horses and other pets. I've painted people in all kinds of contexts, including wedding portraits, memorials to lost loved ones and babies.  I've been commissioned for tattoo and logo work and have produced album artwork for Steve Andrews (The Bard of Ely), and Emma and the Professor.

I have no formal art qualifications beyond an A level. Instead I focused my attention on a suite of qualifications from BTEC to MSc  in countryside management, wildlife conservation and environmental management, 


"So what else do you do?"


I  balance my life as an artist with my full time work as a professional ecological consultant, with Arbtech Consultancy Ltd. We help people get planning permission by surveying for protected species and habitats and  finding the compromises that ensure the best outcomes for both nature and people.  I find my work as an ecologist links perfectly into my artistic life as I am at my most creative when my head is filled with learning.


I'm also a  pagan folk singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist  with several solo albums under my belt. I'm the lead singer of pagan folk rock band Spriggan Mist and one of the Papettes in circus rock band Papa Shango.

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