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About the Art

 I spend a lot of time looking closely at things.

Both art and ecology require you to see the world at a deeper level; noticing tiny details and the most subtle of differences in shape and colour. The process of learning to identify species and find their often cryptic forms requires you to immerse yourself in a very small world. 

It is the close up details of that small world that I am drawn to as an artist.


I hope to evoke in people that that fascination they felt as a child rooting for bugs beneath stones and leaves; When they caught sticklebacks in gravelly streams;  When they first learned how to tell a peacock butterfly from a tortoiseshell.


I want to take them back to a time when whispering glimpses of the fae caught their imagination in gardens and woods. A time before age stole away the wonder.


Once you you've had a look at my prices and learned how to order, drop me a line and lets discuss your commission.

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My Story

Selling occasional pet portraits from 2002, I went professional in 2012. I took a 3 year break from early 2017 and in early 2020 relaunched, in the process taking my work down a more creative avenue that delved further into my interest in Pagan Art and Wildlife Art. 

I have been interested in wildlife and other animals as a subject matter since I could first hold a crayon, learning to identify birds and insects as I copied them from  books. 

I studied art at GCSE and A Level but in further and higher education focused on my interest in nature. I studied countryside management, wildlife conservation and environmental management up to Masters Level before training as an ecologist.

I'm also well known in the pagan and folk worlds as a singer songwriter and the lead singer of Spriggan Mist. Check out my work in the Links page.

My Work as an Ecologist

As well as being an artist and musician I am also a freelance subcontractor ecologist for various ecological consultancies. My work involves surveying for bats, water voles, newts, plants and other protected species to ensure development can go ahead in a sustainable way that prevents harm to species or their homes.

This means working with clients to find the compromises that will fulfill the needs of both people and nature. We are development overseers making sure nothing gets hurt and habitat is either saved or re-created elsewhere. 

Most of my work is with homeowners like you rather than big developers. People who want to renovate their homes or build extensions often need bat surveys as part of their planning applications.


Many people think the presence of bats means your project is doomed. This isn't the case. We do our best to get you the European Species Licence you need to go ahead with the work in a way that makes sure the bats get to keep their homes. 


if you find yourself needing a bat (or tree) survey in the future, I'd be really pleased if you'd consider the company I do the most work for, Arbtech Consulting Ltd. 

They trained me up and gave me opportunities I wouldn't otherwise have had via their amazing ASSET course. They are a brilliant company with innovative, evidence based ideas on getting the best out of their staff and if you are reading this, I imagine you are someone who appreciates that in a company. 

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Caving training with Hertfordshire & Mid
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