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 Eyes of the Old Gods

A4 £30

A3 £50

Handsigned +£5

eyes of the old gods fay brotherhood har

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+£5 P&P

All these digital reproductions of my work are printed on 310gsm acid free Hahnemühle German Etching paper.


This heavyweight paper guarantees rich, deep colours. With a beautiful matt texture you get a durable item with a real craft feel.

Archival quality, these prints are fade resistant, which means you can enjoy them for decades to come.

Red Squirrel in the bluebells

Squirrel in bluebells by Fay Brotherhood

This acrylic wildlife art painting was commissioned by a client who loves red squirrels and bluebells. It just so happened that she has best selling ideas and everybody loved him. 


So I've made him available to everybody as a print.


Hand signed +£5

+£5 P&P

Available in A4

Woodland Goddess

Woodland Goddess - pagan art byFay Brotherhood (2015

This colour pencil drawing was first born in 2000 when I was just 16.  I had recently been introduced to paganism by a pen friend and was surprised at the lack of a female figure in the woodland pantheon in the pantheon. 

So I made one up. 

It seems many others shared my view as several years later, Elen of the Ways emerged into popular consciousness to inhabit the archetype.

I drew this version in 2015 when as a more experienced artist I felt better able to capture her. But I deliberately retained an element of 16 year old me's technical naivety so as not to lose the feel of the piece. One thing I did change was the unashamed inclusion of genitals. I was too embassed for that at 16!

You can see the original 2000 version here.


Hand signed +£5

+£5 P&P

Available in A4

Hawthorn Green Man

Hawthorn green man Pagan Art by Fay Brot

This piece started life as a commission. The client loves greenmen but was sick of seeing so many happy jolly green men. He wanted one that was a bit darker. 


I came up with the idea of a green man that centres around the dark side of nature....


I brought in thistles and the spikes and thorns of the hawthorn.. on which are impaled a common lizard, a common shrew and a dor beetle ... the unfortunate prey of the Shrike.


(known for good reason as The Butcher Bird).

The antlers of the stag beetle reflect the brutal struggle for reproductive rights and territory.


I wove in the egg thievery of the corvidae, the cuckoo's unabashed eviction of his hosts eggs. 

At the bottom is death and decay, as illustrated by an earthstar, that subterranean predator the centipdede and a rotting old bolete bieng chomped by a big old slug. 

And an acorn, symbolising the fact that nature works in cycles and out of decay and death comes life. 


Hand signed +£5

+£5 P&P

Available in A4

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