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"She has the most supremely confident vocal ability. There is a depth of expression in her voice and a desire to be heard and to be different that stood high above, like a sentinel"

(Tamsin R)


“****ing awesome!”
(Chris Holmes from W.A.S.P)


To hit the stage first was Fay Brotherhood. I was tweeting the minute she got on but had to stop the second she opened her mouth. Kate Bush came immediately to mind along with Andrew Lloyd Webber. It set the night up great. 

(Barricades Rise)


“Wow” Where did that voice come from? Is this the ghost of Sandy Denny?”

(Neil O)


“WHOA! Now that’s a voice! Musically I’m sure it’s amazing too but I can’t get over the vocals An old schoolfriend of mine was raving on facebook about this woman she'd seen with THE BEST VOICE ever. turned out to be Fay - listening to this you can see where the props come from....”
(Merryn W)

“Her voice is like a Valkyrie maiden, a rousing, intricate and interpretive free voice that reels you in”.
 (Peter T)


“It has that native American feel to it and wouldn't be out of place at the sixties and early seventies festivals such as Woodstock and Isle of White. It has a hint of Joan Baez about it and her high singing sounds very ethnic”
(Danny F)


“She has a wonderful, voice to listen to, in a Celtic influenced folk style. She looks interesting too, with an earthy country look. Great way to start the show, and set the bar high"
(K Gaugham)


“"A very interesting young lady. She had a very quirky stage presence and sang with a haunting and special voice. With her crafty clothes and a decorated guitar Fay was definitely interesting to watch. Overall her performance was enchantingly gripping
(Bobby O)


“She took to the stage with a very individual look and instruments that immediately intrigued the audience and brought a completely different sound to the music than the other acts. Each song was completely different from the last and she really encouraged audience participation. Overall, individual and extremely enjoyable...."
(Arts in Leicestershire)

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